A hot coffee enema or root for Michigan? The Enlightened Spartan: A hot coffee enema or root for Michigan?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A hot coffee enema or root for Michigan?

Enlightened Spartan Nation:

My dear bro in Chicago, a Spartan faithful, sent me an email that made me LOL, in tears of joy and agony. Why reinvent the wheel on our bowl possibilities. Here it is, read it and weep:

"Dear all,

Unfortunately, OSU's win vs Iowa pretty much sealed MSU's fate to a lesser New Year's Bowl. It's a shame, but this is the year when there may be three teams atop the Big Ten with only one loss. How remarkable.

It is still possible for MSU to get to the Rose Bowl with a victory this weekend and OSU loss to Michigan in Columbus - this latter is as likely as finding signs of life on Venus. And as it causes exceptional nausea to root for Michigan against Ohio State, I will try and refrain from watching it and do something more enjoyable like having a root canal or a hot coffee enema.

Another possibility: Oregon and Auburn lose, throwing TCU or Boise in the title game vs Wisconsin and putting MSU if not in the Rose then in the Orange or Sugar. If this were to happen I'd expect the earth to split in two in utter shock.

Here are the bowl projections now; nearly everyone sees MSU in the Capitol One Bowl in Orlando (again); this would happen whether MSU wins or loses vs Penn State because they'll remain in the contracted Big Ten #2 slot as the other two will go to BCS games.

all vs Alabama (!)

vs South Carolina

Only Bleacher Report has a potential shocker with MSU in the Sugar Bowl:

And here's an article all about MSU post Purdue that sums up how we all feel: http://noise.typepad.com/hey_joe/2010/11/roses-are-out.html#more

In reality, do we deserve a BCS bowl? Hate to say it, but probably not. Other than Nevada we're certainly the weakest 1 loss team in the nation and I personally cringe to see us play 'Bama. If we want to be with the big boys we gotta play with them and we'll see if we are of the same caliber come January 1st.

Close your eyes, keep busy and hope for a Michigan victory this weekend. And please note this is the one and only time you'll see me say such a thing."

Vote to the right: Which do you choose? A hot coffee enema, root canal, or rooting for Michigan?

UPDATE (5:45 pm): The ES just received this update from Mike Vest at the Big Ten Network:

Hello, The producers of The Big Ten Pulse want to get the input of Michigan State fans and bloggers for a segment that we plan to include in this Thursday’s show (7:30pm ET).

This week’s question: “Michigan State could sure use an Ohio State loss to help the Spartans’ chances for a Rose Bowl or a different BCS game berth. As an MSU fan, can you bring yourself to CHEER for Michigan this Saturday?”

We will take the best/most interesting responses and air them during Thursday’s show. If you could pose this question to your fans, and send us a link to where we can either follow the thread or view the comments, that’d be great."