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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

SPARTANS DESERVE BCS: Let us state the reasons

Why does Michigan State deserve a BCS bowl as Big Ten champs: Adam Rittenberg really goes on the nut supporting the Spartans' argument. But the best quote is from the Doctor hisself, MD: " "If you look at things statistically, Ohio State lost 31-18 to Wisconsin and we beat Wisconsin 34-24. If you were just taking those things into consideration, things ought to weigh more in our favor."

Sez Rittenberg:

"Let's get on with the story. Michigan State has a good case for BCS selection, and here's why:

  • The Spartans won a share of the Big Ten title for the first time since 1990 and claimed a team-record 11 victories.
  • Judging by the BCS standings, the Spartans have the best win among the Big Ten leaders, a 34-24 triumph against Wisconsin on Oct. 2.
  • The Spartans are the only team out of the three that hasn't lost to one of the other two.
  • The Spartans have played the nation's 38th toughest schedule based on cumulative opposition. Ohio State's schedule ranks 54th, while Wisconsin's ranks 66th.
  • The Spartans have eight wins against bowl-eligible teams, more than both Ohio State (6) and Wisconsin (4).
  • Michigan State received the highest TV rating among Big Ten teams for games played on ABC, ESPN and ESPN2. It's only fair to point out that the Spartans got a major boost from their Sept. 18 double-overtime thriller against Notre Dame, a reliable ratings grabber.
There are also circumstantial factors that add to Michigan State's case." We all know those.

MICHIGAN STATE TO THE BCS. You Orange/Sugar bowl leaders think we won't travel? I'll be there, and I have a PhD to complete and four college classes to teach. But I wuz at the 1988 Rose Bowl and I'll make it this year. So will 40,000 more of the Spartan Nation, damn straight!

Screw Ohio State - they have been to the damn BCS a zillion times - now we actually have a shot, have the best record among the three Big Ten champs, and get zilch? T'ain't fair.