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Thursday, November 04, 2010

Trifecta for 2010

After watching a wide variety of video clips from the fake-FG touchdown victory in OT over Notre Dame... the ES started wondering: how successful has been the TRIFECTA in 2010?

Just a reminder to enlighten the masses: the trifecta is a weekend with an MSU football victory, a Michigan loss, and a Notre Dame loss. As of last year, for the 41 years of the life of the ES (since 1968), it had happened 17 times in 479 weekends of football. But, it happened 7 times from 2007-2009, and only 10 times from 1968-2006. So the frequency had increased dramatically as both ND and scUM take a nosedive in their quality of football.

Does the trend continue in 2010? Not yet. Actually, Michigan lost the past three of the past four weeks, including a bye... but, in two of those weeks when scUM played, Notre Dame did not lose. And, when scUM and ND lost last week - so did Michigan State. Sigh.

This weekend, the TRIFECTA looks good - Notre Dame sans Crist faces undefeated #5 Utah; Michigan faces Illinois, and Michigan State faces Minnesota.

ES predicts TRIFECTA this weekend.