Dantonio MUST own up to terrible decisions in loss to ND The Enlightened Spartan: Dantonio MUST own up to terrible decisions in loss to ND

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Dantonio MUST own up to terrible decisions in loss to ND

MSU loses 17-13 at Notre Dame, but outplays the Irish for the final three quarters. SOS? - Same Old Spartans. A few random thoughts: IF YOU CAN BELIEVE IT, MSU OFFENSE OUTGAINED ND!!!! 254 yards to 220... and we still lost!!!!! How embarrassing.

1. The double reverse pass early in the 3rd quarter as MSU was POUNDING ND into the ground via rush after rush was stupid. Finally, the Spartan offense is working, and you approve some out-smart-yourself-John.L.Smith play call? My God, RUN THEM INTO THE GROUND if it's working!!!!

For a coach that praises "a game of inches" and his team is peeling off yards on the ground, especially when it is struggling to get down the field consistently, it defies logic to take the risk and do something different.   DON'T TAKE THE RISK - IT IS NOT WORTH IT!!!!  Worst part of this, is Dantonio knows better. 

2. The wildcat call deep in ND territory demonstrates that the play is old school. Everyone can see what it is, we know where you are going...it is just a waste of a down. And it cost a Spartan offense that needs to be efficient in every play call it has. We just can't afford to waste a down.

3. PUTTING IN MAXWELL LATE IN THE GAME??? ARE YOU HIGH? As expected, Maxwell crashed and burned, and had no wheels to get away from a pass rush. He was cold as ice coming into the game, and his ability to connect with receivers is average at best. At the end of the game you need a PLAYMAKER, which means someone who can get away from the expected rush.  That is the time to get a QB on the run (like MD did in the bowl game vs TCU).  Dantonio got cute changing QBs when instead the guy he needed was already playing!  This backfired, just a terrible and stupid decision by Dantonio.

These are but a few, but the most egregious. More later.... Very very disappointing performance by Mark Dantonio, his worst coaching performance of his career. The ES is extremely disappointed in MD. Extremely.


  1. Anonymous3:00 AM

    Don Treadwell was the O, Narduzzi is the D. Game mgmt, recruiting, problem solving... Dantonio mostly sucks. He can't pick a qb (for good), he can't pick an O coordinator, so we end up with two. Both suck. Everyone knew the D would be great, all we needed was a decent O. After the whole offseason with new faces, we've somehow gotten even worse on O. Put a fork in D. Give the team to Narduzzi.

  2. Dave Warner is the off coord. Treadwell moved on to be the head coach at Miami Ohio two years ago... We miss Tread like crazy.

  3. Anonymous3:16 PM

    Not hiring a bona fide OC is what is ailing this team. You're right, Scott. We do miss Coach Treadwell like crazy.

    Fire Samuel. Play Terry.

    ~ Brent