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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Cook was railroaded

OK, so the ES is piling on tonight. But, from the Freep:

... "And there was no question he [Dantonio] was the one who decided to pull sophomore quarterback Connor Cook for senior Andrew Maxwell for a final, failed drive. Nor was there any doubt about how that affected Cook."

“I was a little disappointed, you know?” Cook said. “I don’t know why they pulled me, they said I was a little inaccurate. But I would have wished the coaches had faith in me to keep me in there in a critical situation like that.”


Maxwell has a history of not getting it done.  So, why ask the pathetic Maxwell to come off the bench for the first time in three games, rusty, when we all know his inability to scramble and make plays did not fit the last minute of a game?   IT WAS A GAMBLE THAT BACKFIRED.

Instead of injecting confidence (to be honest, Cook may not have done any better than Maxwell... but he would not have done any worse!), Dantonio hurt our offensive prospects by throwing question-marks into our long-term game plan.  Maxwell is no better than Cook, in any game at any time against any opponent.  Period.

Maybe Dantonio's thick skull finally figured it out, the hard way.  Thanks, MD.

ES to Coach D? KNOCK IT OFF.  Cook, O'Connor, Maxwell.  In that order, linear.  Period.  If MSU is down 35-0, still play Cook.  Keep with the guy.  Only change if the previous gets hurt.  Knock it off.  You are doing far more harm than good at this point.

Wake up.

I PRAY, please leave the "outsmart-myself"-John-L-Smith-Spartan-offense-history as history.  It hurts too damn much to watch.  

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