Can DT become TD? ES predicts a MSU win 18-10 over Youngstown The Enlightened Spartan: Can DT become TD? ES predicts a MSU win 18-10 over Youngstown

Friday, September 13, 2013

Can DT become TD? ES predicts a MSU win 18-10 over Youngstown

Time:  2 pm ET
Location:  Spartan Stadium, EL
Weather:  68 and sunny. PERFECT.
TV:  Big Ten Network
Line:  MSU is favored by 27


We all know Damion Terry (DT), bar a mistake or injury, will burn his redshirt and play for the Big Green on Saturday vs Youngstown State.  We need to see him play - because the Spartans need a playmaker.  And, we need to see DT before we think about throwing him to the wolves, aka Notre Dame next week. Now is the time.  The ES does like starting Connor Cook. Let's think about how players are making decisions and using their abilities to move the team down the field, even with poor play calling and WR execution.  Thus, even with a marginal running game, considering the need to have a mobile quarterback and pounding the ball seems more practical of a situation to hang your hat on then trying to create a mythical passing game.  Let's just start finding a way to pound that rock.

That said, the ES is very concerned about Youngstown State.  T'ain't often you bring in a team that scored 60+ points and rolled up 700+ yards the game before.  I don't care what level of play, their performance is extraordinary, but YSU will line up against the best defense in the nation.  They hain't seen nothing yet until they see Max Bullough and the Big Green Machine. 

Still, MSU listed a 27-point favorite?  This was one of those times I almost decided to act like Columbus and head for the edge of the Earth.  Absurd.  MSU can't score that many points against my dead grandma.  And it is the ENTIRE offense, as well as our offensive coordinator, Mr. Warner.  It's a total team dive on offense.

Predictions:  ESPN/Bennett, MSU 27-3; Rittenberg, MSU 24-10.   Read Joe Rexrode's chat insight on the game, and the ES is through.

ES sez:  MSU gets another TD on offense, but Youngstown proves a good fight after their previous 67-point performance.  But, maybe, just maybe, the MSU  ffense gets marginally on track with the passing game.  Expect to see Terry play - very curious if DT can become TD.  In the end, the Spartan stout defense is tough enough to stop a very good YSU offense. 

Final score:  MSU 18, YSU 10.