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Friday, October 07, 2016

MSU vs BYU: Spartans v Mormons

Welcome Mormon Nation!  We hope you enjoy your stay in EL. 
(FYI - click on the link - one of the funniest videos EVER made.  Me and Chock laughed for hours.)

#27 MSU 2-2/0-2. Brigham Young 2-3
Sagarin Ratings: MSU #51, BYU #45

Saturday, October 8, 2016. 3:30 pm ET.
Spartan Stadium, East Lansing
Weather: 57 degrees, sunny

Line: MSU by 6 (

OK - so here is the skinny on BYU: Jesus is Love.

What does Jeff Sagarin know that we don't?  Damn, sending us down the line to #46 was accurate last week as we looked lethargic - and were penalized for our play - against the Hoosiers.  Indy is good... but come on, they will lose by 28 to Ohio State. Thanks for the measuring stick.  We deserve to be #51 at this point.  Two weeks ago, in the AP Poll we were #8!!!!

MSU has lots of injuries on defense - we have replaced our entire LB corps, which was the best in the nation prior to the season.  That's hurt, and it shows with opposing QBs (prolific ones like BYU's who led a 700+ yard effort last week) taking advantage.   But, it's hard to conceive MSU lose three straight, IMHO.

ES sez - MSU 38, BYU 31.

Freep: MSU 30-24
DetNews: Charboneau, BYU 31-27; Changelis, MSU 21-10; Niyo, MSU 31-24; Wojo, MSU 34-32
LSJ: BYU 31-30
CollegeFootballNews: MSU 30-27
Vanquish The Foe:  good stuff, but not taking a stand?  Woosies.

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  1. As you know, I love me some Jesus Is Love video. That said, Jesus loves himself some Mormon's this weekend.

    What offense have you seen wearing green and white that can score 38?

    I haven't seen any. 38? Crissakes, the only way MSU will get 38 points on the board is of good ole Joseph Smith comes down with his books of gold and the BYU defense abandons the game and gathers around his feet for sermons and polygamy best practice tips. In that case, the MSU offense will be on the field against NO defense. Scott will run for 12 yard carries (his max, even if there is not 1 defensive player on the field, he can't run for more than that) a couple of times in between multiple 12 or 10 men on the field penalty calls, offensive play calls where no one knows where to line up, Warner calling TE jet sweeps for 0 yards, and (again, while there are no D guys on the field because they are all listening to how the ghost of Joseph Smith scored with 4 wifes) the O-line goes in to pass protect, trips over themselves and rolls over TOC causing a sack.

    In other words, these Spartans have about as much chance of scoring 38 points as we have of seeing The Kaz getting written in as the presidential candidate. And believe me, there is more of a chance of that (folks really don't like Hillary and Donald) than LJ Scott, Warner, TOC and our O-Line lighting it for thirty eight fucking points.

    My revised prediction: BYU 38 - MSU 10 (including 2 missed field goals)