We kicked Bucky Badger in the teeth The Enlightened Spartan: We kicked Bucky Badger in the teeth

Sunday, October 03, 2010

We kicked Bucky Badger in the teeth

Bring on freaking shoelace and that scUM woosie defense. MICHIGAN STATE IS KICKING ASS AND TAKING NAMES. We whipped Wisky today: Mr. Robinson, you're next. Wait 'til you get a load of the Big Green.

Wow, what a DOMINATING performance by Michigan State today, just overpowering Wisconsin in a 34-24 victory. After Keshawn Martin's 75 yard punt return for TD to put MSU up 13-10 in the first quarter, MSU never looked back. Matter of fact, if not for two turnovers on their own side of the field giving UW good field position and 10 points, the Spartan defense completely shut down the stinking Badgers all game long.

By far the best performance by MSU all year, or maybe the most complete game of the Dantonio era. Michigan State played well running, passing, the OL played well, Greg Jones dominated, the defensive line held Wisconsin to just 165 yards rushing... and, the DB (Johnny Adams, Trenton Robinson) made play after play to knock down Wisky passes.

In all, MSU outgained Wisconsin 269-127 through the air, and 175-165 on the ground.

YES, WE KICKED BUCKY BADGER'S ASS!!! All... game... long. It was beautiful.

Excellent, excellent game by MSU. They are only improving. Now, finally this defense will be the best yet to face overrated scUM next week. And, with a balanced offense, we should do well to shock the one-man team in Ann Arbor. Go STATE!

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