We kicked Illini ass. MSU should rank #7-8 in BCS The Enlightened Spartan: We kicked Illini ass. MSU should rank #7-8 in BCS

Saturday, October 16, 2010

We kicked Illini ass. MSU should rank #7-8 in BCS

OK, so it may not have been the most complete effort of the season, but in the second half Michigan State dominated Illinois, leading to a 2o-point victory, 26-6. MSU defense was all over the place and dominated the Illini offense all game long, not giving up the end zone. The Spartan offense struggled early, especially against the toughest defense we've faced all year -- by far. Illinois banged hard. But, we're just... better. And it showed as we pulled out drive after long drive in the second half to take control.

Michigan State is good, DAMN GOOD. Best team I have seen in my lifetime of 42 years. I have never been alive when MSU is 7-0 and we are now... and we are acting like it. With this team, we will go along way. Best defense in the Big Ten, most consistent offense in the Big Ten, and the best kickers in the Big Ten. yes, right now, MSU is playing the best of any team in the conference.

Michigan State for the national title! Ha!

BCS rankings come out on Sunday. We kicked Wisconsin's ass. Wisky just beat #1 Ohio State. There are a few other upsets (South Carolina, Arkansas lose), so we should be easy a #7-#8 ranking in the first BCS.... GO GREEN!