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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Spartans are the NATIONAL STORY...

Pretty amazing stuff on our Spartooniees out there, at the midway of the season... um, outside of Chris L. Rucker's DUI this is what we have...
  • Rittenberg/ESPN's Midseason report sez the Spartans: "look like a legit BCS bowl contender."
  • Rittenberg picks a 26-20 Sparty win "in a trap game."
  • CFN/Scout picks a 26-13 Spartan victory: "Illinois has to be perfect, and it won’t be."
  • picks MSU as its most pleasant surprise so far of 2010.
  • Meanwhile, Rivals lists both Joel Foreman and Greg Jones on its mid-season All-America team.
  • Who's Hot? CFN/Scout has MSU as #2: "It’s beginning to look like one of those special seasons in East Lansing that occur once every generation."
  • Zook wants to "spoil another homecoming" according to the Chicago Trib.
  • The Boston Herald has an interesting aside on Brady wearing the Spartan t-shirt after losing his bet to Brian Hoyer. You want to see the shirt? Here.
  • USA Today predicts MSU "has to be a little flat," yet has MSU 24-20 atop of Illinois.
  • Seven of eight at USA Today pick a GREEN win over Illini.
  • Bleacher Report releases the jinxing "u-word" in its commentary of MSU so far, #2 in its Big Ten Power Poll.