Bleeding Green. Seriously. The Enlightened Spartan: Bleeding Green. Seriously.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Bleeding Green. Seriously.

My HERO: SuperSpartan Major Hester (at right). The ES ain't got nothing on the Major, or the Doctor for that matter. These guys put their heart where their mouth is. Major's putting off heart surgery to watch the Big Green kick scUM's butt.


Weather: ummm... 76 degrees and sunny in Ann Arbor in mid-October? Wow. Go Green shove that sun right up that Wolverine ass.

More predictions: Now, Adam Jacobi comes out supporting the Yellow Bellies, 37-35: "Denard Robinson wins shootouts." Go Blue Wolverine (scUM 42-38) sez: "the Spartans will have a difficult time slowing Michigan's offense." Chase Titleman via the Bleacher Report says MSU 34-31.... ES will come out with his prediction tomorrow...

God, I hate Michigan. Sweet Jesus we need to beat their ass, and bad, just to get back into the world of football respectability, something I've rarely seen in my lifetime. For as much money and heartache I've poured into the Spartan program since the mid-70s, I've earned at least one outstanding year. Screw Michigan and their sorry-assed sob stories... it don't mean Jack Shit to us Spartans.

Oh, and by the way, John Heisman and his Trophy can blow me.

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