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Sunday, October 14, 2012

S.O.S.: Dan "Three Stooges" Roushar has got to go

I'm putting this one on the coaches, and mainly Offensive Coordinator Dan Roushar.  The 19-16 double OT loss to Iowa that was dominated for 58 minutes by MSU really is the last straw.  Even the Iowa fan at the Harrison Roadhouse called it "a miracle, We couldn't move the ball all game."  OK, the Michigan State defense should have made a stop on the last drive of regulation, as they had all game long.  But, let's get to the real problem.

Let's try MSU offensive confusion. Say, the botched field goal try at the end of the first half (umm, we never even got that far, running on and off the field in utter Three Stooges confusion reminiscent of John L Smith vs Ohio State).... or, the unbelievably stupid incomplete passes which stopped the clock with 5 minutes left at the end of the game and give Iowa a chance to come back... or, the even dumber call in double-OT for a pass on second and short in the driving rain across the middle in OT is high-risk at best... or, the wasted opportunity with confusion running guys in and out for a wildcat on the 5 yard line, only to call a time out and then settle for a field goal... or, all of the other confusion with substitutions in-between... Roushar has got to go. 

The guy, Roushar, was clueless about what to call all game long, and actually he's been clueless all year. 

The ES has realized that it was Kirk Cousins, BJ Cunningham and the unbelievable skilled talent that bailed out Roushar since former OC Treadwell left.  With the rawness at the skill levels this year, Roushar's questionable play calling is being exposed. The most frustrating part is that the one guy who can help the Spartans, Le'Veon Bell, is a guy Roushar doesn't turn to when we - and he - can use him most... like in double-OT yesterday.

Note to Roushar:  Knock off the John-L-Smith-like outsmarting yourself, and use the talent that works, especially at the most challenging times. And, KISS - keep it simple, stupid.  Your wild guesses and inopportune pass calls sure are making it harder on yourself, and especially the team.

If I wasn't so drenched in cold rain, I would have laughed.  In what started out as a season of hope, Andrew Maxwell staring blinding into space at the end of the game says it all:  what a waste.  With a murderers row coming up next of Michigan, Nebraska, Wisconsin, and Northwestern... I'm not so sure if this Spartan team can win half its games by year's end and qualify for the Meineke Car Care Bowl.  

What a waste.  Congrats to Iowa - you've got what the Spartans don't: moxie.  This year's Spartans are searching for an identity. This year's Spartans look to be another chapter in the never-ending saga of Same Old Spartans


  1. Anonymous12:17 PM

    Demote Roushar back to O line but give him the additional title of assistant coach.

    Hire a young, bright offensive mind in Derek Sage, who worked with Sean McDonell at UNH and Oregon's Chip Kelly. He is currently receivers coach at Wymoming.

    Do it at the end of the season. MD needs to be more assertive calling plays.

    Roushar is in over his head. His record is skewed the last few years based on the skill and playmakers he's had.

  2. Think about it: Baker, Ringer, Cousins, Cunningham, Martin -- they're all in the NFL. We haven't had that much talent from the same offensive team in the NFL in my 44 years of life. Roushar is in over his head.

  3. Anonymous3:25 PM

    I've only got you by a year, but your point is I think irrefutable. Last year we had the most talent on the offensive side of the ball since maybe the defensive side in 1998.

    Certainly no MSU team had this kind of firepower last year. Now that we need more creativity from the OC--more coaching, dammit--we see the pitiful results.

    Brent in NH

  4. I was thinking the same thing during the first overtime when it appeared he called the same play three times in a row. Even as talented as Le'Veon is, he cannot run the ball off tackle on 3rd for the third time in a row when it is third and goal when the entire defense is stacked in the box. There needs to be a coaching change before I will waste my time tuning into another game. What a waste of a good defense.

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