WE WON!!!! The Enlightened Spartan: WE WON!!!!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

WE WON!!!!

Spartans win at Wisconsin... on a passing play, no less!  16-13  In OT!   Waaaaaaaaaahoooooooooooooooooooo!!!!

Congrats to the Spartan defense which played SPECTACULAR all game long.!  of note... ES predicted a 19-15 Big Green victory! :) Snapping that Wisky 21-game home winning streak.

MSU held Wisconsin to just 190 TOTAL YARDS. WHAT AN AMAZING SPARTAN DEFENSE. That stud Montee Ball for Wisky only had 46 yards rushing...Max Bullough played an amazing game for Michigan State on defense, as did Denicos Allen... the Spartan secondary played GREAT keeping all the plays in front of them, and Johnny Allen played his best game of the season for MSU.

LeVeon Bell ran for 77, and Andrew Maxwell overcame some serious early jitters to engineer the game-tying 80-yard TD drive with a shovel pass to Bell with just 1 minute left in regulation.  What was really smart, and the ES was yelling at the TV in overtime, was "just give the horse the ball" - and MSU did just that, with Bell having the first three carries in OT for 13 major yards setting up the winning TD pass.  Just smart playcalling.

Hopefully, this win gives the offense some mojo that they CAN SCORE in the remaining games. Arrrghhh!!! GO BIG GREEN!!!!

Look at the comparative grades - of Wisky by the Wisconsin State Journal, and of MSU by the Lansing State Journal:

Offense:  Wisky D-, MSU 5 of 10
Defense: Wisky B, MSU 10 of 10
Spec Teams: Wisky C+, MSU 7 of 10
Coaching: Wisky D, MSU 7 of 10
Overall: Wisky C-

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