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Friday, October 19, 2012

ES Game Day Preview: MSU at Michigan

Michigan State Spartans (4-3/1-2) at #23/NR Michigan Arrogant A-Holes (4-2/2-0)
The Hell Hole, Ann Arbor.
3:30 ET.  BTN.
Weather: 53 degress, cloudy.
Sagarin Rankings: MSU #35, Michigan #15
Line:  Michigan by 10

Predictions: ESPN Blog: Rittenberg UM 24-16, Bennett UM 16-9; Tom UM 27-13, Brent UM 24-20;   Isportsweb UM 21-17;  Freep: Sharp UM 27-0, Seidel MSU 24-21, Snyder UM 30-14; CBSSports: UM 14-13; CFN/Scout: UM 24-20

After watching Saw 3 last night, the ES wonders if this is
the future of Roushar if he is brain-dead vs Michigan
ES sez:  Michigan State is actually better than everyone is predicting. Problem is, the coaching has really sucked on offense, and the execution on offense has been inconsistent at best.  And, when the defense has needed to make a final stand, it hasn't.  Is MSU getting worse while UM is getting better?

Luckily for the Spartans, they have a red-letter game to turn things around and shake up the nation.  If UM was REALLY good, I'd say the Spartans would get their butts kicked.  But the Wolverines are a sheep in wolves' clothing.  They aren't that great.  At this point, both teams are about even, with MSU underperforming and Michigan overperforming.  The one consistent recently is Michigan State defense dominating Michigan's offense the past four years. 

As the ES mentioned after the Iowa game, offensive coordinator Dan Roushar has been a major liability for MSU this year, using a 2009 playbook with 2012 raw talent. The cloudiness floating across the offense during games becomes cloudier as games go on because of Roushar's not putting players in positions to win. In sum, this year, it ain't working.  Is this the game to put it all together?

I dunno, the ES has been wrong all season.  Matt Millen called the Spartans' the biggest disappointment in the country, and while Millen was the biggest disappointment in the history of the Detroit Lions, he may be right here.  It will take a great defensive effort, minimizing mistakes, and for the offense to cash in early -- for once.

Denard Robinson will have his best game against MSU - maybe 70+ yards rushing, 200 yds passing... but he'll still make his mistakes.  The Spartan defense will show up and force a few turnovers.  Michigan's defense will do the same with Andrew Maxwell. But, can the Spartan offensive line be the difference maker for LeVeon Bell and MSU? Will Roushar handcuff the MSU offense with his over-thinking playcalling, or will he put the game in the hands of its best player (Bell)?  Lots of field goals and a crazy TD or two...

Thank God it's a rivalry game.  Make it: MSU 18, UM 16.

Below:  soaking wet at the end of MSU v Iowa.  This hurt bad to lose this one...

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