Fire Dave Warner; Vomit to Jesus Harbaugh The Enlightened Spartan: Fire Dave Warner; Vomit to Jesus Harbaugh

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Fire Dave Warner; Vomit to Jesus Harbaugh

Michigan State got its ass kicked by Penn State... Tyler O'Conner has graduated, thankfully, he is AWFUL and will go down in history as among the least effective QBs in MSU history.  I am so thankful this season is over.  Offensive Coordinator Dave Warner should be fired for his poor scheming based on the underrated talent - all year long. Yes, Warner should be given a pink slip.

Here he is, their savior, Jesus Harbaugh

But, I can't stand Jesus Harbaugh, crying after their loss to Ohio State.  He is a sissy.  And the scUM crowd are also crying like school girls.  How embarrassing. Grow up: Jesus is whining so much I can't stand it.  Here is my response: MAKE ANOTHER PLAY. Otherwise, shut up!

I can't wait for the opportunity to kick your ass next year, Michigan.  What an awful, arrogant nation. Excuse me while I go to the bathroom to throw up.

Just some reactions to Harbaugh's whining: