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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Spartans send historic program to history

Ohio State.  Penn State.  Watch out.

The Spartans' 49-0 performance against Rutgers over the most storied, historic football program sent shockwaves across the country.  What an incredible performance against a school that created the sport we know today as "college football."

Thanks, Big Bob. Or were you saluting the mighty Knights of Rutgers?


Colar Kuhns was stellar leading the Spartans again, as the all-time Spartan passing completions leader was brilliant on a 5-yard pass in the flat to All-American wideout Darrell Stewart.  Brilliant. It  was the play of the game that secured the field position to ensure the mighty Scarlet Knights could not come back from the commanding 49-point deficit. While the Big Green punted on the next play (for the first time all game), the pass ensured the impending shut-out as an ending to the historic  match up.

You have to give Coach Dantonio credit.  This Rutgers team was by far the toughest team that Michigan State had faced all year.  The vaunted Knight offense amassed an astonishing 149 total yards on the day, including 40 in the air!  Their quarterback, Giovanni Roscigno, returned home to his native state to make his hometown of Warren proud with a pedestrian 6-of-18 effort (2 completed to the other team) to rack up those 40 yards (can you say "trailer park effort" three times fast!).  It was astonishing the Spartans survived the aerial assault.  Yes, this Spartan defense is for real: the bend-but-don't-break effort works, especially against top-shelf competition such as the State University of New Jersey.

Luckily, LJ Scott picked a good day to have his best performance of the season (122 yards on 20 carries)... otherwise, the Spartans likely would not have had a chance against the mighty NJSU footballers. For the first time this year, Coach Dantonio avoided using Scott on third downs (he ran only once on third down), thus letting him go nuts against the stingy Rutgers unit.

The game was an instant classic, and will be played on BTN and ESPN as "The Game of the Year" in perpetuity.  Let's be honest.  In 5-10 years, "Colar" will be among the most popular baby names as current young Spartan (and Rutgers) fans will name their kids after the walk-on QB's remarkable performance, remembering their place and time during his vaunted effort.

ES was impressed. As such, after the game, the ES rolled into the Peanut Barrel and challenged a significant donor to Rutgers that the Knights had 5 years to reach mediocrity: $100 or bust.  The clock is ticking.

Good luck and God Bless!  
And Michigan?  Huh, that team lost to a corn-field team in 1985 with Jesus as quarterback, and again Saturday with the same Jesus as coach.  LOL.

Next game:  Ohio State. The Buckeyes don't have a chance vs the Spartans this side of Toledo. Wow, are we rolling!


  1. C'mon, ES! Is sarcasm all you have left? If it is, that's disappointing.

    1. This year, sarcasm gets it fair share