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Saturday, November 05, 2016

TOILET BOWL Saturday: Michigan State vs Illinois

MSU 2-6/0-5. Illinois 2-6/1-4
Sagarin Ratings: MSU #61, Illinois #85

Saturday, November 5, 2016.
12:00 pm ET.
Memorial Stadium, Champaign-Urbana, IL
Weather: 60 degrees, partly cloudy
TV: ESPN News.

Line: MSU by 8 (really?)

Oh my, how the mighty have fallen.  We BIG GREEN NATION are playing at Noon today, on ESPN... News.  LOL.  'Nuff said.

Well, a six-game losing streak ain't much fun.  Today's game is do-or-die for a bowl; but we can call today's game the Toilet Bowl.  Whoever loses is the crap of the Big Ten this season.

Last week, the ES just didn't understand why coach D didn't start Lewerke - if there is one fault of Dantonio, it is that he is too loyal.  Lewerke moves the offense, he has better vision and makes better decisions.  The team gets a shot of jet fuel with him in.  Bummer for us, because...  with Lewerke out for the season with a broken leg, coach D doesn't have many options. However, Tyler O'Connor is not a winner.  He just cannot make the good throw and just can't get it done.  The offense is lethargic with TO behind center.

The ES would play Damion Terry the rest of the season; why not give him the work?  At least he has another year of eligibility.

ES sez:  MSU 38, Chief Illiniwek 28
Ronnie:  MSU 28-24
Brock:  Illinois 19-17
Rick:  MSU 31-21
Carly:  MSU 21-10

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