How does it feel to be flogged? The Enlightened Spartan: How does it feel to be flogged?

Saturday, January 01, 2011

How does it feel to be flogged?

Give credit where credit is due. Alabama kicked our ass, 49-7. The best commentary yet from ESPN's Adam Rittenberg sums it up nicely:

"Dantonio has done a lot of good things in his four seasons as Spartans coach, but the program clearly isn't at elite status yet. Michigan State didn't perform like it deserved to be in a BCS bowl and was totally noncompetitive against a 9-3 Tide team. It doesn't take away from the Spartans' first Big Ten title in 20 years, but the loss leaves a sour taste after a special regular season. Michigan State must continue its recruiting efforts and keep upgrading the talent to be able to compete with teams like Alabama. The Spartans lose several outstanding seniors like linebacker Greg Jones but return a pretty good core for 2011."

You know what sucked? When Marcus Hyde (#11) was totally run over TWICE by #3 Richardson and #22 Ingram on the one-yard line into the end zone. What did that say? Our talent doesn't match, or Hyde needs to add 25 pounds of muscle by next year. I'll take the former, not the latter.