Enjoy Rich Rod and keep us laughing The Enlightened Spartan: Enjoy Rich Rod and keep us laughing

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Enjoy Rich Rod and keep us laughing

Why is Rich Rod's firing being postponed? Lack of commitment from Harbaugh, and lack of being sold on Hoke from scUM alumni. Hoke's resume is less than impressive. Do you want a coach whose previous job was a clerk at Dairy Queen? Such is Hoke's resume re: San Diego State... In other words, who wants to be #2? Everyone knows JH is #1, and BH is #2. That don't look good.... Thus, postponement.

Let's be realistic. The problem facing the scUM job is the same as the ND job - who wants the headache? Get a life and be proud of your accomplishments, and don't get on your high horse thinking your shit don't stink. But not for the AA-faithful, who are bleached and polished so white and shiny, they blind themselves. It's a riot to watch reality hit the scUM faithful smack in the face, only to see them rebound again and again into the same scenario. It is tough to learn when you are blind, deaf, and dumb.

It's all a hilarious romp in wonderland.... welcome to Spartanland, Yellow Bellies! This is our world, and no surprise you've landed in the world we used to live. Enjoy the spoils, keep Rich Rod, and keep us laughing.