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Thursday, January 06, 2011

Michigan: "You officially suck"

The Sloth lays it on the line with his NEW "effing sports blog". Here's a sample with his take of watching Rich Rod and Michigan duke it out in the gutter.

"The net effect? Michigan has already lost Rodriguez recruits with the uncertainty surrounding Rodriguez, and is quickly pissing away the recruiting window to close on pending recruits with a new staff for the 2011 season. It is looking more and more stupid, and very publicly, for not having already fired a coach that everybody (even Mark May, for Chrissakes) agrees should have been fired, and for not having a new coach ready to step in and transition into the job.

Congratulations, University of Michigan, what was already a lousy situation (from your perspective, not mine) is even worse (or better). You officially suck, perhaps even worse than my beloved Spartans or any of my various beloved Detroit sports teams have ever sucked. Your football program is in the shitter, and you have successfully alienated some of your most-successful program alums (Harbaugh, Miles, among others)."

SIMPLY FANTASTIC. ES is all warm and fuzzy, thanks Sloth!