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Monday, January 03, 2011

NCAA and Pryor on edge of indictment

UPDATE - 1/3 - 10:50 pm: And here is a formal complaint filed by some nefarious group, "Playoff PAC," to the IRS. Is the shit hitting the fan for Ohio State and the NCAA? Wow, this one seems legit to some extent...

Or so, it looks that way... read Wetzel's column today and weep more.

The hypocrisy of the NCAA only gets worse. Memorabilia signing to drive used SUVs? And Ohio State's Tyrell Pryor stating, mocking ESPN's Kirk Herbstreit: “I already knew what I shouldn’t have done back two years ago.” Caribbean cruises from the Orange Bowl to 40 athletic administrators, tax-free?

Hey, I'm looking forward to a great Orange Bowl, but the lack of investigation of the finances of college athletics, Ohio State's athletics, etc. by the national media other than Yahoo's Dan Wetzel is truly extraordinary.

The accusation that there was pressure by Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delaney on the NCAA to give Ohio State players, including Pryor, a break in the Orange Bowl makes as much sense as the rationale given by the NCAA that the players shouldn't receive a penalty because a bowl game is a "unique opportunity." Yes, it makes perfect sense. Let that open the floodgates for future violations. Stupid, stupid decision by the NCAA that is not based on values of amateurism and fair play. An interpretation of rules should be based on values and mission -- in this case, when you read core value #2; "The highest levels of integrity" this falls flat and fails the test.

On top of all this, the NCAA may be trying to save itself, but it may be the federal courts that send it to the galley. Former UCLA hoopster Ed O'Bannon is suing the NCAA for using his likeness without payment... it's a class action lawsuit that is in Federal Court, and the comments from many legal scholars (not the ES) has the NCAA sweating. Why? "Legal analysts said that ruling will compel the NCAA to turn over many of its business secrets to the players' lawyers. No previous lawsuit has advanced to this stage." Read this for lots of lawyer-ese on this, but it ain't going away.

The NCAA is backpedaling since the new president, former U of Washington President Mark Emmert took charge. First Cam Newton, now five players at Ohio State for essentially the same thing -> the integrity of the NCAA has taken a hit to the gut and while it may make it to the final round, undoubtedly the public already has indicted the NCAA and sent it to defeat.