Rich Rod firing at Michigan is a mistake The Enlightened Spartan: Rich Rod firing at Michigan is a mistake

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Rich Rod firing at Michigan is a mistake

Rich Rodriguez fired today at Michigan, reported by Fox 2 Detroit at 3 pm. My guess is Stanford's Jim Harbaugh will be hired by tomorrow. scUM AD David Brandon wouldn't fire Rodriguez unless he had someone else lined up. And, right after the Stanford game? Too much of a coincidence.

But, if Harbaugh ain't available, it might be this Brady Hoke guy the ES has never heard of down at San Diego State. That would be beautiful -- another noname, and from a non-BCS conference... HOPE FOR HOKE!

It's too bad. Rodriguez was the greatest coach in recent memory for the Wolverines. His style of play was perfect for the Big Ten. The ES thought his "You Raise Me Up" performance at the season ending banquet sealed the deal - he was quintessentially a perfect fit in Ann Arbor...

Incidentally re: Harbaugh, if the ES was a coach at Stanford or Cal and was offered the position to coach at Michigan State... "sorry" - the ES bleeds green and northern California is God's-own country, the most beautiful and fun place on the planet - the ES would stay at Stanford or Cal. Matter of fact, the ES hopes on getting a faculty gig out there sooner than later.... why go shovel snow for 5 months a year when instead you can enjoy warm weather, the bread-basket/vineyards/hoplands of the year for 12 months? Sorry, the ES would stay and one wonders if Harbaugh will, too.... (FYI - the SAME could be said for Hoke down at San Diego, except warmer with a better beach!)