Paul Bunyan returns home to EL The Enlightened Spartan: Paul Bunyan returns home to EL

Monday, October 09, 2017

Paul Bunyan returns home to EL

Yup. That is correct and official. Welcome home, buddy!
Once again, thank you Mike Hart.

Big Green is #21 and should be ranked ahead of that scUM we beat at craptown on Saturday. OK, bare with me.  The ES has not showered since Friday because of that dominating performance against the bastards from AA.  It's important to wear this victory a bit longer. Coach Dantonio has performed some good coaching jobs in his tenure... but this one against Jesus Harbaugh ranks at the top.  Coach D had a steady hand on the tiller through a driving rain storm - allowing Michigan to make the mistakes... and they did: 5 turnovers.  Good solid defensive effort by MSU.

The Spartans came ready to play.  Witness coach D's reaction after the game - go to 3:45:10 until a about 3:47:10 and turn up the volume.  Listen to this thing of beauty. Two minutes of sheer joy. He did not directly respond to a single question from the reporter and instead lectured her about the bus ride home. It's an absolute classic. "Let me tell you something about this bus ride home." And then he brings up Sherm Lewis for chrissakes. Incredible - unless you are a diehard Spartan, you got no idea. The ES has watched this 50 times today:

What say you?

Best call?  Well, there were several, particularly on defense.  However, the ES is going to point to the fake sweep reverse screen pass for a TD (go to 1:45).  You want perfection?  That was probably the best and most gorgeous screen the ES has ever seen.  Not only did it baffle scUM defense, but there was a convoy in front of Madre London with noone to block. Wow.

Yesterday, watching the Lions game at Reno's... and color commentator (and former Cowboy and Syracuse Orange) Darryl Johnston mentions "what about the Michigan State and Michigan game last night???"  WOOP WOOP!!!!!

It was an incredible game. In a monsoon in the 3rd quarter, MSU did what it needed to with a 14-3 lead: they held onto the ball.  scUM did not.  We deserved that win. Played really REALLY hard. Good good football. As good as it gets. Coach D was a genius yesterday - absolute master. One of his greatest coaching jobs.

Joe Bachie, B1G Player of the Week, played like a man possessed vs scUM
Who was the player of the game? While Lewerke played very well at QB for the Spartans, Joe Bachie (#35) was EVERYWHERE on defense, with 10 tackles, a sack, a forced fumble, and an INT in the monsoon.  Awesome performance.  He played deep safety on the last play of the game and recorded a PBU, knocking the ball down.   He is easily the B1G Ten Defensive Player of the Week. Get this - on the season - he already has 44 tackles, 2 sacks, a fumble recovery, an INT, a forced fumble, and 2 PBUs. What???? 44 tackles? Jesus, he is on pace to have 120 tackles this year. What????

It's amazing how Mike Hart's "little brother" comments continue to haunt scUM.  Nearly every year, the same thing, a victory over the little people from Ann Arbor.

Post-game press conferences are a must.  Jesus Harbaugh showed why yesterday.  The $9 million man was morose.

Always remember: "The pride comes before the fall."  Thank you, Coach D.

Next up:  a tough roadie at Minnesota (3-2/0-2), which lost 31-17 at Purdue on Saturday.