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Saturday, October 14, 2017

Enlightened Preview: Rodents v Sparty

They like snow and meat in Minny

#21 Michigan State (4-1, 2-0) vs. Minnesoter (3-2, 0-2)

Sagarin Ratings: MSU #22, Minny #54

October 14, 2017. 8:00 ET/Fox
TCF Stadium
Colder than a ticket-taker's smile at the Ivar Theatre on a Saturday night, Minnesota
Weather: 61, rain/thunderstorms, 8 mph wind SE

Line: MSU favored by 4

Here we go. Crunchy's is a useful place for foaming at the mouth. What shall thy say?  Minnesota is seeking its first win against the Spartans since 2009 and its first win against an AP-ranked Michigan State team since 1962.  Minnesoter has too many lakes, too much cold... but it hain't snow today.  It's to be a monsoon.  The ES don't know anything about Minnesota (link here).  Got nothing.

  • Mike Valenti: MSU, but "I'll take the points (Minny)"
  • Mark Feather: 27-21 MSU 
  • Dianne DuBay Ford: No prediction but I’ll be there!! 
  • Debbie Chang: 24-16 MSU
  • Paul Anders: 35-0 MSU 
  • Chris Zech: 31-17 MSU... After further consideration of tomorrow’s potential monsoon, I am revising my prediction to: MSU 20 Gophers 7 
  • Steve Sundeen: 34-10 MSU 
  • Ronnie Maxedon: 24-17 msu 
  • Jeremy Hernandez: MSU in a blowout. Minny is one dimensional imo, all run. MSU stops the gopher run attack and they win. 
  • RGM3: 24-14. Those mother f*ers don’t stand a chance  
  • Chris Carter: Ok...I've been way off the last two weeks...thankfully so...this one I hope to get right...MSU 24 Minny 10 
  • Keith Cambier: Tougher than it should be, 12-10 green. 
  • Big Joe and Phantom 309: 10-9 MSU 
  • Scott Hirko: Anyone have 11-5? 
  • Dave Smigielski in the rain: 17-3 
  • Chris Hock: we should have been at the cal game tonight. It's a good one.
ES sez:  Remember last week?  MSU 14-10

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