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Saturday, February 05, 2011

Rewind: Izzo interview pre-season of 2010-11

Just added fire and inspiration.... Here is an interview just prior to the season on the Spartan hoops team via ESPN:

Hey, a season is an eternity. Many things happen, within and without a coach's control (grades, family, environment, legal issues, NCAA, eligibility, etc)... but, it is worth reviewing the preseason inflation of the team to remember what expectations were before the season imploded... Here are some key quote from the $3.5 million-man, from last October/November, just before season tip-off.:

"With depth and talent, it’s not quite the talent we had with the 2000-2001 teams, we had 4-5 pros and I don’t know how many we’ll have on this team…”

“But the key word you said is with injuries, and injury-wise, I don’t know how far we can come back but right now, we are injury free… but the time we missed over the summer, it is tough to tell how much damage that will do until the year really gets started… but I do think that the chemistry has been great, we have the ability to go big go small play different styles….. but, no excuses, if coach doesn’t screw ‘em up, it should be a pretty good team.”

Again, the ES says, Spartans... is it IN you?