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Friday, October 24, 2014

ES Game Day: MSU vs UM? It's like beating a dead horse with candy

Poor horsey looks like a prophecy of Devin Gardner or Shane Morris vs MSU

#5/#8 Michigan State Spartans vs. #70 Michigan Wolverines
October 25, 2014.  3:30 pm ET.
Spartan Stadium, East Lansing, MI

Weather:  64 and sunny

Sagarin Ratings: MSU #11, scUM #70
Line: MSU favored by 17

Predictions & Previews:  

  • Writer's Prediction:  "The Spartans Crush the Wolverines."
  • Live2Sport:  MSU, 33-15
  • CFN/  MSU, 31-13
  • iSportsweb: White, MSU 38-13; Catania, Michigan 17-14; Johnson, MSU 32-16; Nazario, MSU 31-14; Lapthorne, MSU 28-24; Hoeppner, MSU 35-10; Squanda, MSU 38-17; Harns, MSU 44-14; Sargent, MSU 28-7; Draper, MSU 31-20; Lyons, MSU 42-14; worldofisaac, MSU 38-17; Coster, MSU 42-17; Moore, MSU 52-9 
  • Freep:  Rexrode, MSU 27-17; Snyder, MSU 35-14; Albom, MSU 45-10; Sharp, MSU 31-10; Seidel, MSU 35-14; Windsor, MSU 29-16
  • (vs spread): Charboneau, Changelis, Wojnowski, MSU; Niyo, Michigan
  • Lesmerises, MSU 40-13; Yarina, MSU 44-13; Dienhart, MSU 44-9
  •  MSU 24-13
  •  unanimous, MSU
ES sez:

Hell, if MITCH ALBOM is predicting a 5-touchdown win by the Spartans, then the nation must know the vast canyon of superiority that Michigan State has over that has-been program from Ann Arbor.  How embarrassing. Read my previous write-ups:  the Wolverines have NO CHANCE in this game.  The uglies from AA are completely outmatched physically and statistically.   The ES is glad they had two weeks to prepare, it won't matter.  

Shalique Calhoun is and will be a nightmare for Devin Gardner and Michigan.

This rivalry game is #1 most important on the Spartans' list of most hated teams, and we Big Green Machine will come to play on a beautiful October afternoon, with the prerequisite Dantonio trick plays up his sleeve.  The defense will be on fire, and ready to respond to the national pundits who are questioning that we may give up big-plays despite our No-Fly Zone.   We - the Ferocious Spartan Defense - will force that Michigan team into turnovers into which our ground running game will churn into long-drive, dominating TDs - thank you, Mr. Langford.  

ES Bottom line:  this game will be won in the trenches by the Spartans, big time, on both sides of the ball.  And, it will get ugly over time.   Thank God this beating will be on ABC.  The ES invites the world to watch this capital punishment with popcorn, candy, and a few frosty lagers.  

MSU 46, Michigan 9.