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Saturday, November 23, 2019

ES Preview: The Toilet Bowl

MSU Spartans (4-6/2-5) at Rutgers Scarlet Knights (2-8/0-7)

November 23, 2019
12 noon ET
SHI Stadium, New Brunswick, NJ

TV:  Fox Sports 1
Weather: 45 and sunny

Sagarin Ratings:  MSU #37, Rutgers #134
Vegas Line:  MSU by 21.

What it looks like playing Rutgers for the bottom of the B1G
Coach Dantonio stated this week that he intends to stick around for another year.  Yay.  How exciting.  That means the ES will not renew his season tickets - the ES won't witness more of his garbage on grass. Hopefully new AD Bill Beekman will smell the coffee and make a call to Pat Narduzzi at Pitt to beg him to return to East Lansing and rebuild what his old boss has so methodically ruined.

MSU by 21?  What a joke.  MSU can barely score 10, let alone 21.  Remember last year?  MSU won, 14-10.  Expect something similar.  Note:  The ES almost hit the nail on the head last week, prediction of 41-10 scUM vs 44-10 actual.


RGM3: Rutgers 35-7
Greg:  MSU gets back on track
Big Joe and Phantom 309:  MSU 27-24
Sloth:  Beekman & Dantonio 60, Sloth 0.
Australian Paul:  MSU 28-3
Chef Tom:  Maryland by 14.  LOL.
Oakland Ronnie: 34-31 MSU game winning field goal gets missed but a flag is thrown and gets attempted again successfully
Kat:  MSU 3-0.

ES sez:  MSU 20-14.

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  1. Ted Bertrand11:28 AM

    The poets tell how MD fell and Blackwells living in cheap hotels. Beekmans quiet and Detroit's cold so the story ends were told Blackwell.needs your prayers it's true but save a few For Dantonio. too He only did what he had to. and now he's growing old A few gray trustees say we could have had him any day we only let him go so long out of kindness I suppose